The flying site is located at Nash, just off the Bletchley to Buckingham road (A421) – see accompanying map. For Sat Nav users, the Post Code is MK17 0EJ.

An off-road parking area lies behind a locked access gate (the combination to the lock is given to all members) some 200-300 yards from the take-off strip.

Both the pits area and the take-off strip are surrounded by an electric fence, which has proved most successful in preventing damage from cattle which occasionally share the 25 acre field. There are some seven pit tables which allow models to be prepared at a convenient height without kneeling on the ground. Model restraints are provided too.

A substantial wooden shed not only provides protection from the elements when necessary but also contains a heavy duty 12v battery connected to a solar cell powered battery charger which keeps the electric fence operating. The Club also has a 650w output generator which gives the possibility of charging electric flight batteries at the field, if you bring your own charger.

The take-off strip itself is maintained in good order. The grass is mown on a weekly basis throughout the summer by members on a rota basis: the Club has ride-on mowers kept in a secure steel container on-site, plus a petrol hand mower and strimmer for the smaller areas.


Operating hours
Mondays 1700-2100 hours – ‘silent’ flight (electrics and gliders)
Tuesdays 1200-2100 hours – all types
Wednesdays 1700-2100 hours – ‘silent’ flight (electrics and gliders)
Thursdays 1200-2100 hours – all types
Fridays 1200-2100 hours – all types
Saturdays 1200-1800 hours – all types
Sundays 1200-1800 hours – all types
Bank Holidays 1200-1800 hours – all types