Wicken Model Aero Club

The club is run on a fairly informal manner – which probably helps with the friendly atmosphere – though we take aspects such as safety and training seriously. The field is actually available seven days a week, though on Mondays and Wednesdays it is evenings only and then restricted to ‘silent’ flight. See the ‘Site’ page for operating hours. We now have a keen nucleus of retired members plus some who work flexibly, so mid-week flying on permitted days is becoming increasingly popular.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We have permanent planning permission for our flying site, and the Club is fully-affiliated to the national body – the British Model Flying Association (BMFA). We subscribe to a policy that no-one is permitted to fly solo unless they have gained the BMFA ‘A’ Certificate. Until then, they may only fly accompanied by a WMAC-appointed instructor. Please see the ‘Training’ section.

An efficient Group email system allows members to communicate easily – and means that you always know when someone is going to be at the flying field.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are interested in joining the WMAC, do not hesitate to call in at the flying site and chat to a member. Should you be new to the hobby, then we would strongly advise you not to purchase any equipment until you have sought advice from our membership – a wrong decision at this stage could prove costly and set you off in the wrong direction.

We keep the gate to the car park locked, so contact our secretary Ian Heath (see details below) and arrange to meet. Please make sure that you close – and tie – the gate which leads into the field from which we fly as we often share our field with cattle and sheep. You would also be welcome to join us at a Club Night now held at the Chepstow Drive Community Centre, 107 Chepstow Drive, Bletchley, MK3 5NG from 8pm on the second Tuesday of each month.

Alternatively, click on the Application Form on this website, complete and post with your payment, as appropriate.


Non-members and newcomers may fly as the guest of a member, provided they are accompanied by that member and can give evidence that they have sufficient personal insurance covering model flying. After your third visit you will be required to join the WMAC.


Practical experience has shown that you cannot safely mix fixed-wing and helicopter flying on the same site – at least, not in our circumstances. For that reason, we consider ourselves to be a non-helicopter flying club. However, recognising that some members may wish to extend their interests into rotary-winged aircraft, we do have the provision that those people who have been a Wicken MAC member for at least a full twelve months may fly helicopters at our flying field under the following circumstances:

1. Pilots must either hold a BMFA ‘A’ certificate for helicopters, or be flying under direct instruction from the holder of a BMFA ‘B’ certificate for helicopters.
2. No fixed-wing aircraft will be airborne at the same time.
3. Helicopters will be flown from the usual take-off strip, and observe all existing Club rules regarding standing in the pilot area, flight safety, etc.

Multi copters (‘drones’)

The indiscriminate and inappropriate flying of these craft has resulted in a bad Press, with the result that there are increasing threats to their operation. We would prefer that those who want to fly multi rotors do so in a safe manner and with respect to the legal constraints upon them, so are happy to accept them on our flying field. Indeed, several members do own multi rotors, and would be happy to give practical advice.

Frequency Control

If you have 2.4GHz radio control equipment – and all new equipment sold is on this frequency – then this section does not apply to you.

However, if you are using 35MHz gear, then WMAC operates the ‘peg-on system’: that is the pilot places his peg on the frequency board BEFORE switching on the transmitter. When the flight is completed (or the pilot no longer needs that frequency) then the peg must be removed immediately.

Pilots should supply their own frequency peg (a clothes peg is ideal), which should also carry the pilot’s name so that everyone knows who has control of that frequency.
Please note that your transmitter should also display a flag or similar device showing the frequency upon which it is transmitting. If you intend to change crystals, then you MUST change the flag.

It is not recommended that you fly on adjacent channels: if you must, then seek out the person on the adjacent channel, place your equipment next to theirs and check that there is no sign of cross interference – both with and without the engine running.



Club Nights

Held on the second Tuesday of each month (except for the May 2019 meeting which will be on Wednesday 15 May) at the new venue of  the Chepstow Community Centre, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK3 5NG from 8pm to 10.30pm. Tea and coffee is available, but if your thirst is more substantial you can bring your own refreshment – or pop next door to the convenience store (open until 10.30pm). A varied programme of events and talks are now planned.


While WMAC is very much geared to flying for fun, we do sometimes run informal competitions and organise BBQs and fly-ins.


See Fees section.


Hon. Secretary, Ian Heath: mail@ian-heath.net